Waste Services, Inc. (WSI) is a technical consulting and waste management firm that provides professional safety and environmental counsel and services to ensure compliance with all safety and environmental regulations. We are experienced in all areas of safety and environmental issues in the compliance field and can offer as much or as little assistance as you may require. We can advise you on ways to achieve maximum results with minimum investment to ensure full compliance.

Some of our areas of expertise are:

  • Hazardous Waste Determination
  • Sampling and chemical analysis
  • Researching and auditing disposal sites
  • Development of SARA Title III compliance program
  • Preparation of fire and safety plans, waste drum control, spill control, and contingency plans
  • Preparation and/or assistance with all regulatory compliance-related paperwork
  • Environmental audits for real estate acquisitions
  • Pre-transport assistance (packaging, labeling, manifests)
  • Licensed hazardous waste transportation
  • Transfer facility (consolidation of LTL shipments)
  • Design of in-house systems to minimize waste
  • Preparation of OSHA Hazard Communications Programs and training manuals
  • Personnel training for EPA, DOT and OSHA compliance
  • Stormwater permitting and compliance
  • Process safety management
  • Site remediation
  • 24 hr. emergency response